Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a fancy bike?
Do I have to wear lycra?
I’m a woman, do you have any women-only rides?
I like the idea of riding with a club but I’m concerned I’ll hold everyone back.
I’m not ready for 40 mile rides yet, do you organise anything shorter?
Why do I have to register for the ride?
Do I have to join CTC before I ride?
I don’t live in Peterborough, can I meet you somewhere en route?
I don’t live in Peterborough, is it OK if I drive to the start of a ride?
I have a busy life/family/other hobbies/etc and don’t want to spend all day out on a bike ride
Do you have any evening rides or midweek rides?
I live outside of Peterborough, why don’t you start rides from here?
Why do I need to sign a guest form when I ride?