Official Club Roles

CTC rules require us to have a minimum of three people on our committee. There are also six mandatory roles. Additional roles can be added as we see fit.

CTC Peterborough’s current committee structure is comprised of the roles below:


  • Run the AGM
  • Attend committee meetings


  • General direction and organisation of the club – with the input, help and support of the other committee members
  • Ongoing liaison with National Office over official club CTC business
  • Represent the club on the Peterborough Cycling Forum
  • Arranging an AGM and committee meetings
  • Complete the AGM returns pack for National Office
  • Handle enquiries into the club from prospective members or other interested parties


  • Manage the club’s finances
  • Act as signatory on our bank account
  • Prepare accounts for AGM and submission to National Office
  • Manage kit orders and collection of funds and liaise with kit supplier on kit orders

Welfare Officer

  • Field complaints by members over their treatment by other members
  • On behalf of the club, if neccessary maintain contact with members who are unwell, out of sorts, or whose circumstances prevent them riding with us

Rides Secretary

  • Arrange Ride Leader meetings when required
  • Arrange cover for rides when a Ride Leader drops-out
  • Brief new Ride Leaders on how we conduct rides
  • Manage the rides calendar
  • Maintain the “Join us on our next ride” panel on the website ensuring that it is current

Membership Secretary

  • Receive monthly member list from National Office – maintain an up-to-date list of current members
  • Advise the Committee and Ride Leaders of membership movements – joiners/leavers
  • Liaise with National Office on membership issues
  • Receive “Guest” rider details from Ride Leaders and ensure the club and our guests adhere to the 10×3 rule (10 guest riders on any ride, 3 rides as a guest)

Social Secretary

  • Arranging social activities separate to or as part of the rides calendar

In addition to the commitee we also have Ride Leaders but they are not obliged to attend committee meetings.