2018 AGM Minutes

Date: 3rd November 2018                          Time: 14:30

Venue: Jubilee Room, Orton Waterville Village Hall

Attendance: Adrian Lovelock, Andy Cox, Chris Burgess, Chris Cooper, David King, Gary Hilborne, Greg Massey, John Edwards, Julian Griffiths, Laura Porter, Lesley Coombs, Maggie Watson, Mark Edmonds, Mark Hann, Melanie Seal, Paul Carey, Pete Herron, Phil Bridger, Phil Rozier, Phil Watson, Roberto del Pino.

Apologies received from: Angela Henderson, Beth Lavelle, David Smith, Harvey Edwards, Jonathan Orchard, Miles Goff, Pauline Smith, Richard Donoyou, Tim Curtis.

1. Welcome and introduction by the Chair, Phil Bridger

2. Election of Officers – Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Rides Secretary, Welfare Officer, Social Secretary.

No nominations had been received in writing prior to the meeting and there were no new nominations in the meeting.

All committee members confirmed they were happy to continue to serve in their present roles and were unanimously re-elected:

Phil Bridger as Chair;
Chris Cooper as Secretary;
Andy Cox as Treasurer;
Peter Herron as Rides Secretary;
Maggie Watson as Welfare Officer;
Phil Watson as Membership Secretary;
Richard Donoyou as Social Secretary.

3. Minutes from 2017 AGM

The minutes of the 2017 AGM were agreed at the meeting as being a true record.

4. Treasurer’s Report

AC presented the Treasurer’s report (see Annex 1).

The Income and Expenditure report for the year shows we received a grant of £200 from head office against which we incurred expenditure of £90 web hosting, £21 AGM room hire and £23.30 surplus on the Christmas meal and social. We therefore had a surplus of £112.30 for the year. When added to the accumulated surplus brought forward from last year the Balance Sheet confirms we have an accumulated surplus at the start of 2018-19 of just over £463.51.

5. Approval of Accounts

The accounts and report were accepted and agreed unanimously by the meeting.

6. Secretary’s Report

CC presented the Secretary’s report (see Annex 2).

There were no queries concerning the content of the report but the following related issues were raised:

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations)

Phil Watson briefed members on a new form to record ICE (In Case of Emergency) contact details. The existing ICE register will be deleted and replaced by a register which will hold data for a maximum of one year and be refreshed at each AGM.

The new form will also record consent for images to be published on social media and the club website. There was discussion concerning the tagging of images on Facebook. Members were advised they can amend personal settings to block tagging and it was agreed it should be club policy that members do not tag images.

If someone on a ride has not given consent for their image to be published the Ride Leader should ensure all participants are made aware of this.

Pace of rides

Phil Watson was aware of someone who no longer rode with us because they found the pace too quick. This had not happened in the past year but we recognise there remains a risk of rides becoming quicker than our target of 12-13mph with the result that some members may be deterred from riding with us. It was emphasised that no one should feel pressured to ride faster than the pace at which they are comfortable and that everyone on a ride has a responsibility to ensure no one becomes isolated at the rear. There should never be less than 3 riders together at the rear (for safety reasons) but other riders are asked to remain aware of what is happening behind and to drop back if the same 3 riders are consistently adrift from the group.

Club policy is for a ride to be split into two groups if there are 16 or more; this is for safety and consideration for drivers, and to stagger arrival at refreshment stops. However, larger numbers also give an opportunity for a ride to be split into a faster and slower group.

Shorter / slower rides

Mark Edmonds has work colleagues who are interested in riding but not confident to attempt a B grade ride. As noted in the Secretary’s report, although we have not recently run any C grade rides (20-25 miles at 10-12mph) we would welcome the opportunity to do so if there is demand. We would particularly welcome anyone who would like to volunteer to lead an initiative in this area.

Affiliate membership

Clarification was sought on the distinction between Full and Affiliate membership of Cycling UK. There has been some lack of clarity from head office but our understanding is that current rules allow an affiliate member to ride with a full member group if they are both a member of an affiliated club and also have individual affiliate membership of Cycling UK. Head office is currently reviewing the status, benefits and cost of affiliate membership and we expect that changes will be made at the next Cycling UK AGM (May 2019). Until that time our policy remains that everyone who rides with us should be a full member of Cycling UK.

7. Any Other Business

There being no other business, the meeting closed at 16 :00.

Chris Cooper
CTC Peterborough

Annex 1 – Treasurer’s Report
Annex 2 – Secretary’s Report