2015 AGM Minutes

Date: 7th November 2015           Time: 14:30

Venue: Jubilee Room, Orton Waterville Village Hall

Attendance: Clyde Banks, Phil Bridger, Lesley Coombs, Chris Cooper, Tim Curtis, Richard Donoyou, Ann Enticknap, Miles Goff, Angela Henderson, Pete Herron, Roberto del Pino, Jonathan Thompson, Maggie Watson and Phil Watson.

Apologies received from: Andy Cox, Jim Brown, Jackie Gage, Gary Hilborne, Colin Moore, Dave Nunn, John Reynolds and Dave Smith.

1. Welcome and introduction by the Chair, Phil Bridger

2. Election of Officers

No nominations had been received in writing prior to the meeting. Phil Watson (PW) was standing down as Secretary but was willing to continue in the role of Registration Officer. Jackie Gage had said that she was prepared to continue as Welfare Officer if no one else wanted to carry out the role. Maggie Watson indicated her willingness to take on the Welfare Officer role. Jonathan Thompson (JT) stood down as Media Officer and was not seeking re-election to the committee. The committee, at its meeting on 3rd September 2015, agreed to reintroduce the position of Social Secretary. Richard Donoyou (RD) had indicated his willingness to undertake the role.

The following were proposed, seconded and elected unanimously by the meeting:

Phil Bridger as Chair.
Chris Cooper as Secretary.
Andy Cox as Treasurer.
Peter Herron as Rides Secretary.
Maggie Watson as Welfare Officer.
Phil Watson as Registration Officer.
Richard Donohue as Social Secretary.

3. Minutes from 2014 AGM

PW stated that he had circulated draft minutes of the 2014 meeting to all attendees and that there had been no reporting errors identified. Minutes from the meeting had also been available on the Group’s website for ten months.

The minutes of the 2014 AGM were agreed by the meeting as being a true record.

4. Finance

PW presented the financial report in the absence of Andy Cox (AC). The decision of the Committee, reported at last year’s AGM, had been not to apply for this year’s annual grant from HQ. There was therefore no income for the year but a £1.00 surplus was made from the club kit purchase. Expenditure for the year totalled £103.00 (-£19.28) made up of Webhosting costs of £90.00 (-) and AGM costs of £13.00 (-£11.00). The accumulated surplus, at year end, was £388.21 (-£102.00).

The accounts and report were accepted and agreed unanimously by the meeting.

PW reported that the committee had agreed that once again we would not apply for the grant next year. As in 2014~15, if we subsequently identify a “development” project we will submit an individual business case to HQ and seek specific funding.

5. Secretary’s report

PW presented his report for 2015

In overview, the programme of activities, active membership and participation levels were similar to 2013~14. We sustained two club rides per week throughout the year losing very few rides to weather conditions. A well-attended bank holiday weekend tour, based in Llangollen North Wales, was led and organised by Dave Smith (DS). Pete Herron (PH) led team of 4 members who successfully completed the Lôn Las Cymru (Holyhead to Cardiff). A total of eleven riders took part in our Century ride in September.

Catchment membership remained almost unchanged from last year although it would have fallen had it not been for the twelve new members who joined the CTC in order to be able to ride with us. In spite of these new members, active membership of the group (those who ride 1-2 per month) has slightly fallen to 32 (-3) while those who ride occasionally have increased to 21 (+9). It is a matter of concern that in spite of the continuing boom in recreational cycling around Peterborough, our membership has not seen a significant increase.

Initiatives to boost membership have included two beginner/first timer rides organised by Clyde Banks and monthly Grade C rides during the spring and early summer. With hindsight we incorrectly badged the beginner/first timer rides and they did not produce any new members. Attendance of the C rides was patchy but did yield some new members. We intend to repeat the beginner/first timer rides next summer with better targeting. Grade C rides have been reintroduced into the autumn/winter ride programme with the first ride attracting 3 new guest riders.

An issue where the average speed of rides was increasing has been addressed and the principles of the “social group ride” reinforced among rider leaders.

Communication with members and would-be-members has been solely via our website and Facebook. The website has been maintained by PH and PW with JT providing technical support and maintenance. Going forward we have an issue in that JT will no longer be able to provide technical support and neither PH or PW have the technical expertise. The new committee will need to look at the future of the website. Nearly all active members regularly use the group’s Facebook page to communicate about rides. The Facebook group’s total membership is 147 (+39) of whom 73 have ridden with us at some time. Facebook still remains the most significant source of new members.

Finally, once again my thanks must go to my committee for keeping things running smoothly and to our ride leaders without whom there would not be a group. In addition this year we must thank JT for having got CTC Peterborough off the ground initially and having contributed so much during the six years of his involvement.

The meeting discussed membership. PH felt that current membership levels were healthy for a “niche club”. Much of the growth in other cycling groups could be attributed to “wannabe racers.” It was recognised that more active members would lead to larger riding groups and that groups of 16+ not only caused issues at cakestops but also presented an unacceptable hazard on the road. It was agreed that group sizes ideally did not want to exceed 12. The meeting agreed that the objective was to remain a viable club and not fade away like our predecessor Peterborough and South Lincs CTC. Angela Henderson (AH) suggested having a pamphlet available in local bike shops. JT and PW reminded the meeting that we have had leaflets in bike shops from the beginning and they had not been effective in bringing in new members. Chris Cooper (CC) however undertook to make enquiries about a new pamphlet. RD suggested raising our profile by riding Sportives and Audaxes in our club kit. Lesley Coombs suggested more pictures on the website particularly showing people riding hybrid bikes and not wearing lycra. This might make riding with us seem less daunting. Clyde Banks reminded the meeting that turning up as a newcomer for a group ride could be very intimidating. Other suggestions included holding midweek social rides and perhaps evening rides to a pub to overcome perceived barriers.

JT offered to work with the new committee to produce a simplified website where on-going technical maintenance would be significantly reduced. He repeated an earlier suggestion that the group has a PAYG mobile phone which would provide a single contact number for the club and could be passed round as necessary. AH stressed the importance of website knowledge being shared so that such a critical part of our communications was not at risk when key people left.

6. Any Other Business

a. Rutland Cycling: The meeting agreed that there were several benefits in starting our future rides from the new Rutland store in Ham Lane. It was noted David Middlemiss, their managing director, had ridden with us last weekend.

b. CTC Ride Leaders Course: PW confirmed he had e-mailed CTC expressing complete dissatisfaction that the Ride Leaders courses were staged in our area on the weekend of our AGM. He also found it unsatisfactory that just 4 days’ notice had been given. He noted that the reason CTC Councillor Jim Brown gave for being unable to attend our AGM was “a CTC training course.”

c. Christmas Lunch: PW reminded the meeting that the closing date for the Club’s Christmas lunch on 12th December was 19th November in just under two weeks’ time.

d. Local Transport Plan: CC drew the meeting’s attention to the City Council’s consultation on 4th Local Transport Plan. As well as three consultation events at the Town Hall starting 16th November, there is a questionnaire available on the council’s website

There being no other business, the meeting closed at 15:55.

Phil Watson
CTC Peterborough