2014 AGM Minutes

Date: 15th November 2014           Time: 14:30

Venue: Jubilee Room, Orton Waterville Village Hall

Attendance: Lesley Coombs, Chris Cooper, Andy Cox, Richard Donoyou, Angela Henderson, Pete Herron, Gary Hilborne, Dave Nunn, Roberto del Pino, Phil Rozier, Maggie Watson and Phil Watson.

Apologies received from: Clyde Banks, Neil Barker, Phil Bridger, Harvey Edwards, Jackie Gage, Andrew Gedney and Dave Smith.

1. Welcome and introduction

In the absence of the elected chair and with no one from the floor being prepared to chair the meeting, the AGM was chaired by Phil Watson (Secretary).

2. Election of Officers

There being no other nominations, the following were re-elected unanimously:

Phil Bridger (PB) as Chair.
Phil Watson (PW) as Secretary and as Registration Officer.
Andy Cox (AC) as Treasurer.
Jackie Gage (JG) as Welfare Officer.
Peter Herron (PH) as Rides Secretary.
Jonathan Thompson (JT) as Media Officer.

3. Minutes from 2013 AGM

Proposed: Dave Nunn      Seconded: Angie Henderson

The minutes of the 2013 AGM were agreed unanimously by the meeting as being a true record.

4. Finance

AC presented his audited treasurer’s report to the meeting. Income this year comprised the £200 (-£25.00) grant from HQ. Expenditure for the year totalled £122.28 (+£2.48) made up of Webhosting costs of £90.00, Domain costs of £8.28 and AGM costs of £4.00 (+£2.23). With a small surplus on the order for cycling kit, the overall surplus on the year was £78.05 (-£27.15). This increased the group’s funds to £490.21 at year end.

Proposed: Richard Donoyou Seconded: Lesley Coombs

The accounts and report were accepted and agreed unanimously by the meeting. PW reported that the committee had agreed that given the year end balance, the group would not apply for a grant next year. If in the course of the year we identified a “development” project we would submit an individual business case to HQ and seek specific funding.

5. Secretary’s report

PW presented his report for 2014

a. Overview: Another good year with a net growth in active membership. Our running costs have remained low and we are carrying a healthy balance into the new financial year. We have sustained 2 club rides per week throughout the year losing only two days to poor weather. An “away day” with Rutland Velo and a weekend in the Yorkshire Dales in May, both led by Dave Smith, and a 100 mile ride in September were all well supported.

b. Membership: In spite of cycling’s obvious popularity at the moment our CTC catchment membership fell slightly to 408 (-12) members. The group’s active membership however increased by 16 which more than balanced the 10 active riders who did not renew their membership or who left the area. 35 riders now ride with us regularly whilst a further 12 ride occasionally. A further 12 have ridden with us as guests but have not joined the CTC. Group sizes now sometimes cause issues at cakestops.

In early summer we ran monthly rides targeted at newcomers. Generally they were not a success and did not generate new membership. All our new members have come from our normal ride programme. In spite of this we will continue to run the occasional easier/slower ride.

We need to bear in mind that although our average riding speed is still generally within the target range of 12-13 mph, our overall average speed has increased significantly. This is because we simply do not stop as frequently as we once did. Anybody who does not cycle regularly may well find our rides quite challenging.

c. Communications: Communications with our membership has continued to rely on our website and on Facebook. We have not sent out e-mails in the past year.

PH and PW are now assisting JT in maintaining the website where JT remains our technical authority. We have been experimenting in making more information available to members.

Facebook appears to go from strength to strength. Over the past year, membership of the Facebook group has increased to 108 (+45) of whom 53 members having ridden with us. 40 Facebook members are CTC members. Several of this year’s crop of new CTC members first found us on Facebook.

d. Finally, once again thanks must go to my committee for keeping things running smoothly and to our ride leaders without whom there would not be a group.

The meeting discussed the issues raised as the secretary’s report was delivered. It was accepted that the need to attract new members was to ensure that CTC Peterborough remained a viable group well into the future. The meeting agreed that our purpose was not to teach people to ride bikes. New members would ideally already be riding regularly on their own but simply want to ride with others. Typically they would not be racers but prefer the “touring” style of riding.

Richard Donoyou, as a new 2014 member, recorded the favourable impression he formed on his first ride with the group. Chris Cooper (CC) wondered whether there would be support for some evening rides next summer. He also suggested that the website could list local cycling shops (LBS) offering discounts to CTC members. The meeting’s experience was that most of Peterborough’s LBS offered discounts. Lesley Coombs would like to see more member content on the website (information about rides and photographs). She recognised the need to sustain the effort required to maintain the website. Dave Nunn queried how many hits the website took.

6. Any Other Business

a. In Case of Emergency (ICE): PW reported that the ICE register, promised at last year’s AGM, had been established and is available to ride leaders. If members want to ensure their details are correct they should speak to a Ride Leader.

b. Ride Grading: PW reported that the committee had agreed a system for grading rides. The website would be updated with the information and the system trialled over the coming months. Ride Leaders would also be identifying their cakestops in advance.

c. Club Kit: PW reported that one order had been placed this year but that the website’s club shop was currently “closed.” Although orders of less than 10 items were possible, the premium was excessive. The shop will open again in the spring.

d. Christmas Dinner: The club Christmas Lunch will be on 13 December at the Crown Inn in Elton. Details are on the website and on Facebook. Pete Herron will be leading a short ride to the venue. Members should contact PW if they wish to attend.

Phil Watson
CTC Peterborough